She Began Singing “O Holy Night”. Now WATCH What Happens When Those Kids Join In…

She sends chills down my spine with her powerful and most beautiful voice.  This song, in particular, starts off on earth and raises you to the heavens.   Her rising crescendos lift the soul and carry the spirit as high as any angel ever could. This is such a beautiful song for any day of the … Читать далее

Terminally ill zookeeper gets a farewell fit for a king from the animals he cared for

For Dutch zookeeper Mario Ejis, he loved animals like they were members of his family. But when he was dying from cancer, his many zoo friends would bid farewell to him in their own unique way. Mario Ejis was a zookeeper at a Rotterdam, Netherlands zoo. He took the best care of animals like they … Читать далее

Father Uses Money He Had Set Aside for Daughter’s Wedding to Do Something Great for His People

The following story is about a millionaire in India who’s not your typical high-roller. His name is Ajat Munot. He is a business tycoon with a substantial fortune. His fortune makes him afford special treats that very few people in his country could. India is very well-known for having a high poverty rate. They have … Читать далее

A girl dared to sing one of the heaviest songs in the world. A Couple of Notes And The Judges Jumped From Their Seats.

She is just 11 years old! A couple of notes – and the adjudicators hopped from their seats! 11-year-old Serena from Pisa was remaining on the phase of the Next Star ability show. Lights started to glint, which looked like falling precipitation. The crowd froze in expectation. As of now from the principal notes of … Читать далее

The explosive power in this girl’s voice as she sings Joni Miychell’s 1971 classic

9-year-old Immy Davis simply demolished Bishop Briggs’ penultimate performance of “River,” being able to make a big impact on the stage and take the BGT audience and judges to the next level, proving why she is a future star. The young singer was able to achieve that look by waving an ideal white shirt that … Читать далее

Son leaps from his seat when he sees waitress is military mom

The family’s dinner took an emotional turn as soon as the «waitress» walked into the room. Military families are in a unique position of dealing with a parent who is gone for long periods of time. The military parent’s work duties often cause difficulty for themselves and their families. No one wants to be separated … Читать далее

Couple happily married for almost 80 years are turning 100 together

As Hubert and June are preparing to celebrate their 100th birthdays, they’re sharing how they’ve managed to keep a happy, loving marriage all these years. It was 1943 when a young June and Hubert got married, and they had no idea at the time that they would spend at least another 80 years together.June and … Читать далее

5-year-old shocks her spectators with her 2’6” horse jumping talent

Many adults believe that riding a big horse is a significant challenge. But it feels incredible when you see a kid doing the same happily. After all, kids are spectacular learners and can absorb information really fast. Something like this happened recently when a 5-year-old girl, Kinsley, impressed her spectators when she rode around on … Читать далее

Stranger finds 2 boys picking wood. The reason will tear you up

A fantastic moment happened when two boys were looking for wood to power their generator. They had lost power due to financial hardship, and they were living off the generator power. As they searched the streets, a man approached them. The boys tell him the story of how they lost power and needed wood for … Читать далее