You Will Laugh Till You Cry at These Cute Babies…They are so funny

It’s easy for new parents to get worried when they see a newborn’s strange trembling movements, from trembling chins to trembling hands and tremors to jerky hand and leg gestures. In most cases, these extra movements are perfectly normal and harmless, and in most cases your child will outgrow them. However, babies can have seizures, … Читать далее

10 things that will happen to your body if you eat one avocado every day

Avocado is a popular fruit right now, but why? First of all – they are really, really delicious. But that’s not the only reason you should eat avocados regularly. In fact, there are at least 10 reasons why you should eat this magical fruit several times a week. 1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular and … Читать далее

A depressed dog refused to leave mom’s pregnant belly — doctors remained stunned by what they discovered in the hospital

21 years old Alhanna Butler, and her husband Ricky, 25 years old, live in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, with their son Lincoln and their dog Keola. And if not Keola, their american Akita dog, Alhanna and their son probably would not be alive today. When Alhanna was pregnant with Lincoln she began to experience severe pain … Читать далее

What happens when kids play with their fathers…So funny and sweet. VIDEO

It turns out that on a subconscious level, the child perceives mom and dad differently. Mother for the baby is the source of vital warmth. Dad is a source of strength, an older friend who is able to share this power, protect and protect from any life’s adversities. Apparently, dads feel this state of affairs intuitively. And that is why their games are always so energetic, with running around, fussing, squealing and laughing. Perhaps dad will not be too interested in collecting a pyramid with a baby or picking up liners for frames. But dad is unlikely to refuse to play ball with the baby. The baby needs not only affectionate and gentle games with his mother, but also assertive, mobile, even slightly aggressive “male” games. And even if dad starts playing the usual “hide and seek” with the baby or just carries him in his arms, he will do it in a completely different way than mom. In its own way, in a special way, which will enrich the experience of the child, give him completely new sensations and impressions … Why not arrange a funny competition? Precisely funny, because serious ones are not yet for the baby. He still does not know how to lose with dignity. And if dad always gets something better than him, he will certainly be upset. Therefore, we play not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of fun.

Heroic disabled dog rescued the life of a baby buried alive by his 15-year-old  mother

There are numerous stories about heroic actions of our best friends-dogs, who always are ready, regardless the circumstances, to rush to help those in need. This time, our hero is a dog living in Thailand, whose name is Ping Pong. The smart dog saved a baby, who was buried alive by his own teenage mother. … Читать далее

Woman’s rendition of ‘Never Enough’ earns Golden Buzzer and leaves Simon Cowell slack-jawed

She’s unbelievable. All hopefuls who audition for the ‘Got Talent’ franchise are dreaming of getting that ‘Golden Buzzer’. To them, it’s not just an advance ticket to the live semi-finals. Its meaning goes beyond that. It’s an honor of being recognized by the world’s greatest talented people. It is like being incredibly different from the … Читать далее

U.S. Navy midshipmen gather to create hilarious award-winning music video

«Every single person in front of and behind the camera was a midshipman, and our budget was a whopping $0.» Annapolis, Maryland. It’s home to the United States Naval Academy. And while our marines and sailors are not studying, training, or defending the country, they are taking a break to recharge their minds and bodies. … Читать далее

U.S. Navy Blue Hawks let loose in video dancing to Justin Timberlake hit song

The video has racked up nearly one million views and it’s hard not to feel good watching them dance. Serving in our nation’s military requires a huge sacrifice. You will be away from your families for months on end and in some cases won’t return back to them at all. However, freedom isn’t free. This … Читать далее

Gabriella Laberge — The Voice Recap. Her music is now being shared all over the world.

When Gabriella Laberge took the stage with her violin for the French version of “The Voice,” the audience wasn’t sure what they were going to hear. The judges listened as she started to play the instrument, but they were just as confused. That was about to change because Laberge was about to impress everyone with … Читать далее

Just try not to laugh…It’s impossible. Funny videos compilation.

Capturing a baby’s first laugh on video is a precious gift. Their happiness and joy give us a lot of fun and smiles. Just watch this funny video compilation of these cute babies. They do so funny and amazing things that you just can not smile. The smiles express that they’re happy, content, and enjoying … Читать далее