3 Ways To Break Free From Materialism

By Steven Bancarz| From the moment we are born, we are indoctrinated by our parents, our school system, the media to think that success is defined by material gain. Happiness, contentment, and relationships are secondary to income. Because our culture values material success the most, we currently live in a world that is enslaved to … Read more

Johnny Carson with Don Rickles, Dom DeLuise and Glen Campbell is nostalgic gold

‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ welcomed three superstars: Don Rickles, Dom Deluise, and Glen Campbell. These three stars created an exciting and funny episode of Johnny’s late-night show. Don Rickles walks out, being his usual ball of energy. He sits next to Glen Campbell. Don and Johnny exchange words, and then Don looks at … Read more

The woman adopted two children with a difference of a year, but it turned out that they were brother and sister

Miss Page adopted a boy, and a year later a girl, it’s wonderful that these two children are real sister and brother. This woman decided to change completely after the divorce, her place of residence, and her job changed everything. She began working as a caregiver at a center where children abandoned by their parents … Read more

Mind blowing marching band routine involves trombones, extreme timing, and some close calls

It is always enjoyable to see an innovative marching band performance. The movements and formations that are created by a talented band have become a spectacle for audiences everywhere. Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, sent their marching band trombone section out to the field to perform a stunning routine. The trombone is a lengthy … Read more